Pi Beta Phi
At Lehigh University

A Sisterhood Story from one of our very own:

"I had trouble adjusting when I first came to Lehigh. I didn't really connect to the people in my dorm or in my classes and was starting to doubt that this school was the place for me. After going through half of a semester filled with homesickness and confusion, I decided it was best to start applying to other schools as a transfer student. My mother, who had been in a sorority herself, at some point convinced me to give the school one last chance by participating in recruitment and I have never looked back since. Within days of joining Pi Beta Phi, I felt like I found a new home. These women who I could now call my sisters were so kind, genuine, strong, and compassionate--I had a gut feeling that I would find my life-long, best friends among these individuals. And I was could not have been more right. As I am coming down to my last couple semesters at Lehigh University, I feel immense gratitude for my family, my friends, Lehigh University, and especially for Pi Beta Phi."

- Ashley Linehan